• Job Title: Screen-Printer/ Screen Printing Assistant

    Impact Custom Clothing
    Job Description
    Purpose of Position:
    Screen Printers main job responsibility is to print on various apparel and other personalized items, in addition
    to, completing various screen printing prep work and cleaning duties.

    Summary of Responsibilities/Duties:
    - Operating the manual and automatic screen printing machines.
    - Collecting new items from the inventory and separating finished printed items and boxing them.
    - Cleaning screens and prepping them for the screen printing process.
    - Maintaining the screen-printing areas and solving technical problems.

    Job Requirements:
    - Required Education/Training – None.
    - Required Experience - No previous job requirement or experience is needed.

    Preferred Skills, but not required :
    - Knowledge of 4 color process.
    - Substrate, screen, ink, reclaim, and set-up knowledge.
    - Precise registration techniques with both single and multi colored screen printing.
    - Complete understanding of mesh counts, coating and exposure.
    - Check printed items during production run for acceptability, making corrective adjustments as needed.
    - Strong color management techniques with an ability to mix to match PMS colors.
    - Able to work in different environments including high heat and cold.
    - Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or any other Graphic Design Program.

    Physical Demands and Working Conditions:
    - Standing for most parts of the work day; breaks will be taken and a seat provided if need be.
    - Sometimes working in a warmer working area, however, extreme heat or extreme cold will not be allowed to
    work in.
    - Lifting Boxes full of t-shirts and a box dolly will be provided for help.

    - Late nights and weekends may be required, but not mandatory.
    - Flexible hours for College Students and People with children.
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