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      There you stand.

      Armed with experience, a passion for serving your people, and a service or product that changes lives, you are working to turn your five-figure business into a six-figure enterprise.

      It sounds simple, but you face an enormous challenge. Before you, thousands of companies dump content and marketing into an already saturated market. Behind you, hundreds of new companies enter the arena vying for those few seconds of your customer’s attention.

      And your people – the ones struggling with a problem that you know how to fix – are bombarded with the same messaging every day.

      How can you possibly compete with that? How can you hope to stand out? Is it time to stop pretending? Pack up and go home?

      Absolutely not.

      It’s time to implement a strategy using an ancient and proven marketing tool – storytelling.

      You’ve heard this before. “Tell your story. Tell them why they should care. Blah. Blah. Blah.” You’ve probably heard that our brains are wired to love and remember stories, or that you are 22 times more memorable when you use a story in your marketing. And those things are true.

      No one can copy your story. And that makes it your most powerful marketing tool.

      But WHEN and HOW you tell your story is the difference between silence and sales.

      Here’s what kills you. You know your customers. Heck, you’ve BEEN them. You were in those same trenches, fighting those same battles, feeling the exact same way. And you figured it out. You fixed it, solved it, done. If they only knew that, the line to buy from you would be longer than a CVS receipt (read: eternal).

      So, what’s holding you back?
      ?You are busy. You really don’t have time to write.
      ? You hate writing. You would rather endure unspeakable horrors (like making small talk at the sink in the public restroom) than write.
      ? You don’t know what to say. Sure, your story could change lives, but how do you even get started?

      Now, Hannah, there are a million copywriters out there. Why should I work with you?

      Unlike the marketing-wizard-guru-magicians down the street, I didn’t start in marketing or sales. I started in storytelling. My signature approach builds on years of award-winning journalism profile writing experience.

      Together, we’ll leverage the best journalistic methods with strategic copywriting to deliver powerful content to your people at the right time.

      Ready to increase sales, connect with your people, and be remembered?

      Schedule a FREE 30-minute strategy call here: http://bit.ly/32SrlJ2letschat

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