• Business Forum on Cox Channel 6

  • A big "Thank You!" to Cox Communications for airing the FWB Business Forum on Channel 6.  It is aired several times each month - check your local listings.

    This is the Dec 2018 Edition of the Business Forum:

  • Dan Robertson, the Vice Presidents of Sales for Paramount PEO Solutions by Vensure is the special guest for this segment of the Fort Walton Beach Business Forum brought to you by the Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce and airing on Cox Cable Ch-6 in August 2018. In this episode the discussion centers around the need for the upcoming vote for a 1/2 cents sales tax to help with the county's infrastructure and public safety needs.

    Hosted by the Ted Corcoran, Chamber CEO, and recorded in the Emerald Coast TV studio at the Landmark Center in downtown Fort Walton Beach, FL.

  • Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce 2019 Chairman of the Board explains the Okaloosa County half cent surtax referendum in 90 seconds.

  • On November 6, 2018, Okaloosa County voters have the ability to shape the future of the county's aging infrastructure for roads, water and public safety with the 1/2 cent surtax referendum. In this Oct 2018 epiisode of the Fort Walton Beach Business Forum, Nick Chubb (2018 Chamber chair), Ted Corcoran (FWB Chamber CEO), John Hofstad (County Commissioner) and Matt Turpin (2019 Chamber Chair) answer the question most voters want to know about why the need for the surtax and how will it be used to help the county and it's cities.

    Find out more at www.ItJustMakesCents.org