• Downtown Shut Down

  • April 27 - 8:00 pm to about Midnight.

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  • We're all getting excited about this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME event!

    The Gulfview Hotel, Fort Walton Beach's oldest buidling - and one of the landmarks of early Camp Walton - will be moved from its current location on Shell Drive (behind the old Staff's) to the parking lot next to Harris Insurance.  The building has been donated by its former owners Nicole and Tom Rothrauff, to the City of Fort Walton Beach - and will be relocated and renovated to serve as the Welcome Center for the City of Fort Walton Beach.  

    HIGHWAY 98 will be closed - and traffic will be rerouted - between Beal Parkway and Perry Avenue - from approximately 8 pm until the project is finished.

    Individual businesses along and around Highway 98 will be holding various special events and offers as people gather to watch this monumental event!  Thanks to the City of Fort Walton Beach, the Downtown Merchants Association, WEAR Channel 3 TV, and the Northwest Florida Daily News for help in getting out the word!

    Where will traffic be rerouted?  FWB Police Department personnel and FDOT signage will be rerouting traffic around the closure of Highway 98.  Traffic will go northward up to Hollywood and then back down to join 98 on Perry Avenue.  

    What about traffic on Brooks Street?  The Brooks Street access from Highway 98 will be closed off, and access to businesses and homes on Brooks Street will be from Perry Avenue, SE ONLY.

    Will my power be cut off??  Gulf Power has distributed the following notice to customers in the area of the Gulfview and its new location.  Please contact THEM for further information. 

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  • Some advice from our friends at Computer Help:

    Hello from Computer Help,

     Cybersecurity includes administrative, technical, and physical controls to protect your people and your business.  

     On Tuesday, April 17th, the historic Gulf View Hotel will be relocated throughout the night (http://weartv.com/news/local/gulfview-hotel-will-continue-legacy-of-hospitality).  The relocation may or may not be completed by Wednesday April 18th. 

     This move will require some electrical wires to be temporarily removed.   As a safety measure for the workers and those in the area, the power grid will be shut off during the relocation.  During the transition the grid may be prone to surges significant enough to physically damage your equipment.   If you are unsure whether or not power is being shut off to your business, it would be better to shut your electrical items off than to not shut them off and expose your electrical devices to the variable electricity.

     To minimize damage to electrical equipment, the list of general recommendations below should be followed.   Specific instructions for unique equipment, such as building wide air conditioning units, should be obtained from those vendors.   There may be additional steps to take.

     Power off all items:

      1. Computers
      2. Monitors
      3. UPS (Black boxes on the floors that everything plugs into)
      4. Coffee makers
      5. Fans
      6. Lamps
      7. Refrigerators
      8. Printers
      9. AC in server room
      10. Network devices
      11. Camera system
      12. All other electrical equipment
    1. Disconnect all electrical items from the wall
    2. Turn off the main circuit breakers
    3. Turn off the circuit breakers in the panels

    When you return to work on Wednesday morning, do not plug and power up your electrical items

    An inspection of the area will need to occur before any items are repowered after the hotel is relocated.  The main circuit breaker will need to be turned back on, then incrementally, the circuit breakers in the boxes.  Turn on non-essential/lesser cost equipment and verify operation.  Do not turn on computers.  Once an all-clear is given verbally and servers are back online, you will be instructed to turn computers on incrementally.

    We are not promoting Lowe’s; however, these tips look sound:


    Kimberly S. Hopkins
    Chief Information Officer
    Computer Help
    Complete Engineering Solutions