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      When Happy Planet Cleaning started, Mercedes had just relocated to the area from Austin, Tx.
      After vacationing here since 2006 and her son now stationed here in the Air Force, it was a no brainer to be closer to family (pictured top right). After closing her small business in Austin, she wanted a business that was sustainable and would allow her to bring happiness to those she served.
      With a background in events and nonprofit, she truly enjoys putting a smile on peoples faces and giving back to the community.

      This year (2020) has been a whirlwind to say the least, from crazy viruses and record-breaking hurricanes. What we have learned is the importance of our personal health and the health of our environment. No matter your position, what is certain is that our earth and health need attention. No better way than to start within your home using all-natural products that creates a healthy environment for all.

      Happy Planet Cleaners was established in August 2020 with the purpose of using environmentally friendly and biodegradable products to positively impact our customers’ lives.

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