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      TravelingSession.com is a departure from traditional travel websites. The simplest explanation would be "A social media website focused on travel," but that barely scratches the surface. We blend technology and community to enhance your travel experience. We do this by taking a unique approach to travel ideas and recommendations. The platform focuses on the individual traveler instead of the destination.

      Here are a few of our key features:

      Personalized Travel Reviews
      - Rate travel destinations around the world
      - Write your own reviews
      - Find travel reviews by travelers that match your travel style
      - Personalized scores for each location to match you with your ideal travel destination

      Interactive Travel Map
      - Highlight the countries you've visited
      - Pick your favorite cities
      - View travel trends
      - Download an image of your map

      Travel Profile
      - Set your travel review settings
      - Select your travel styles
      - View your travel points and influence
      - Share your travel map, destination ratings, and travels from one location

      By applying analytics to our database of travel reviews, we can help travelers find their ideal travel destinations.