• Volunteer

  • The FWB Chamber sponsors and organizes dozens of great events throughout the year - and we are always looking for help to organize all this FUN!

    Whatever your talents - we can find some fun and interesting assignments for you.  

    So what's in it for you?

    Volunteers for Dog DazeIf you're a student, you might need volunteer hours for school.  If you're a military unit, you might need to show you've served your community.  We can help you out!

    You'll have a great time - probably meet some cool new people - and have the great feeling of doing something for others.   And oh yeah - we'll probably feed you pretty well, and maybe even throw in an event T-shirt.

    If these things appeal to you, contact our Director of Special Events, Rachelle Graves, at 850-244-8191.  We can almost guarantee that she'll find something great to fit your calendar, your fitness level, and your needs.