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      A PhotoBioModulation Therapy Clinic. PhotoBioModulation Therapy (PBMt) is an emerging innovative technology that has shown tremendous promise treating medical conditions. PBMt is utilizing specific wavelengths of light in the 500-1100nm Red and Infrared spectrum that penetrates deep into the body’s cells, tissues, blood, nerves, and brain. PBMt heals through the cellular level and makes the body more resilient, thereby allowing the body to heal itself more quickly. In the same manner of how sunlight provides a multitude of health benefits to an individual, PBMt has shown that by utilizing different light frequencies it reduces Inflammation, the main cause of Chronic Neck and Back Pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy and Muscle Pain. PBMt increases the Circulation and Blood Flow and relieves the weakness, numbness and tingling of nerve damage in Neuropathy and Sciatic Nerve Pain. PBMt Speeds up Wound Healing by increasing Collagen Production and Blood Flow. An individual will look years younger with its Anti-Aging effect. PBMt has incredible healing effects on the cells where it increases energy production that helps cells regenerate faster.

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