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      Forever Warriors is Step One Automotive Groups Private Nonprofit that's committed to supporting Service Members, Veterans and their Families.

      Vision: Introduce every Military Member, past and present to the resources & unique transition opportunities through our partnering relationships

      Mission: Our Mission is to be the bridge for Service Members, Veterans and their Families by connecting them with those with resources that specialize in the following pillars of success: ?

      Mental Health - We believe that Mental Health is paramount and encourage Post Traumatic Stress Growth

      Transition & Sustainment - We're proud to offer unique transition & sustainment opportunities for our Military Members no matter when, where, or how long we served.

      Community Immersion - Connecting Service Members & their families to the community.

      Values: To reestablish and uphold that sense of pride, that sense of fulfillment that comes with being a part of something so much greater than ourselves, just as we did when we served our country.

      Integrity - First, foremost & always

      United Belief - Shared confidence in each other, as well as faith that together we can make the impossible, possible.

      Shared Humility & Respect - Remembering how little we know and coming to everything with a curious, learning, mindset.

      Compassionate Empathy - Moving beyond simply standing in someone else's shoes but walking alongside them in a respectful, equitable way and helping to alleviate their suffering.

      Our Goal: To be the bridge for all Service Members, Veterans & their Families by connecting them with those within our network that specialize in our pillars of Mental Health, Transition & Sustainment & Community Immersion.