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    March 11, 2024
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                        Contact: Steve Vancore
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    Addressing Generational Trauma with Expert Insights and Community Engagement

    Panama City, FL – NWF Health Network is proud to announce the 3rd Annual GENTRACON, a comprehensive two-day conference dedicated to exploring the profound impact of generational trauma on both children and adults, and illuminating pathways to hope and healing. Set to take place on April 9th and 10th, 2024, the event is expected to welcome 400 attendees alongside 20 vendors.
    This year's conference theme, "The Impact of Generational Trauma on Child and Adult Development and How to Find Hope and Healing," seeks to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of generational trauma's effects and the tools necessary for fostering resilience and recovery.
    Featured Speakers and Topics:
    • Peter Mutabazi: "We Can Find Hope Amidst Hopelessness" – Offering an inspirational perspective on overcoming despair.
    • Barb Clark: "Trauma & BIG Behaviors: The Big 3 – Raging, Lying & Stealing" – Providing insights into challenging behaviors and strategies for management and support.
    • Dr. Richard Marks: "Love Heals: Attachment, Resiliency, and Trauma" – Exploring the healing power of love and secure attachments in overcoming trauma.
    • Pam Baston: "Roots and Wings: Transcending Generational Trauma" – Offering methods for breaking the cycle of trauma and embracing a future of hope.
    With 400 attendees and 20 vendors, GENTRACON24 promises a rich environment for networking, learning, and sharing experiences. The conference is a must-attend for mental health professionals, educators, and caregivers. Additionally, the event will offer Continuing Education Units (CEU) for professionals aiming to enhance their expertise in trauma-informed care.
    For more information and to register, contact gentracon@nwfhealth.org.
    Shawn Nickel
    shawn.nickel@nwfhealth.org, (850) 803-5160