• Pay Attention To These Potential Weak Areas In Your Small Business

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    March 26, 2023

    Running a small business can be hard work, and it’s easy for financial and operational problems to arise if not addressed quickly. However, there are multiple weak spots that can be identified and fixed with the right guidance. The Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce knows how difficult it can be to make changes to a small business, but there are a few areas you can pay special attention to in order to simplify the process. Here are some of the most common weak spots for small businesses and how to tackle them.


    Are you putting too much money into one area of your business? Are you spending too little in other areas? Spend some time analyzing your spending patterns to determine if they are helping or hurting your business in the long run. This can help you identify potential areas of savings or investments that could benefit your bottom line in the future.

    Cash Flow

    Keeping track of cash flow is essential for any small business owner. It’s important to remember that cash flow is not just about making money. It also involves controlling costs, bringing in paid invoices from customers on a regular basis, managing inventory levels, and establishing good credit terms with vendors. Make sure you're monitoring cash flow closely and taking measures to ensure it stays healthy.

    Delinquent Accounts

    No business wants delinquent accounts on its books because it affects cash flow significantly when customers don’t pay on time or at all. Having a system in place for collecting payments from delinquent accounts (e.g., automated reminders) can help reduce late payments while also maintaining customer relationships during this process. This can be beneficial down the line when these same customers need additional services or products offered by your company.


    Controlling overhead costs is essential for any small business owner as it helps improve profitability and manage expenses more efficiently, which in turn affects your cash flow. You can also think about exchanging an office space for remote work, which can save you quite a bit of money each month. Consider outsourcing non-essential tasks to reduce overall expenses as well as increase efficiency.

    Financial Document Organization

    Effectively filing your financial documents like statements, invoices, and receipts helps ensure that nothing slips through the cracks which could lead to unexpected late fees or other charges in the future. It also makes tax season much less stressful. Consider using tools such as Dropbox for cloud storage of all your documents, so they are securely stored online with regular backups ready should something happen. You can also use PDF tools to handle tasks like splitting a PDF file into smaller documents when it's too large to manage. Click here for more info about how to utilize this free tool.

    Organizational Structure

    Having an effective organizational structure is key when running a successful small business. From having the right people in leadership roles to assigning responsibility for tasks accordingly, having the right personnel in place will help create a streamlined workflow that keeps everything running smoothly. Look for BPM tools that will help you manage your structure more efficiently.

    Customer Segments

    Understanding who your customers are will help you target them more effectively with marketing efforts, pricing strategies, and products/services tailored specifically to their needs. Understanding customer segments will also help you identify new opportunities for growth within those segments as well as identify ways to better serve existing customers which can lead to greater loyalty over time. If this is a particularly weak area for your business, look for analytics tools that will help you learn more about your audience.


    With proper guidance and knowledge about where problems may arise, small businesses can root out weak spots before they become real issues that hurt profitability and operations down the line. Identifying problem areas such as spending patterns, cash flow, organizational structure, and organization ahead of time will allow you to find the right tools to manage those issues, such as free PDF resources. Doing so will give you peace of mind as you work to grow your business.

    The Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce offers many resources to small business owners in the area. Consider joining today!